a daughter of a Holocaust survivor paints the story.

Run Yudit
48" X 60"

We were not allowed to trick or treat for Halloween. Holidays like that were nightmares for her. In her childhood they had been excuses to rape and destroy. We could go out before dark and collect money for UNICEF but could not accept candy.

One day my mother and grandmother were taken to the gas chamber. My mother would not leave her mother's side. A guard approached. Raising his gun he told her if she could get out of his range by the count of ten she could live. Her mother cried out: "Leif Yudit!"

That was the last she saw her.

Mixed media on canvas including:blown up Halloween skeleton. Clippings from the Journal of Historical Review. Glitter.

- Mina Cohen


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I've never felt I needed any kind of healing, but there are things I have to work out. Those are the paintings I haven't done yet.
Northern California Jewish Bulletin, April, 1999

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